Help improve the Scorecard!

Four ways to help improve the SMART C-CDA Scorecard:

  1. Try out the Scorecard and tweet about it@SMARTHealthIT
  2. Share your sample C-CDA documents with the public
  3. Suggest new rubrics, or improvements to the existing ones
  4. Contribute code to improve the Scorecard

About the Scorecard

The SMART C-CDA Scorecard promotes best practices in C-CDA implementation by assessing key aspects of the structured data found in invididual documents. It's a tool to help implementers gain visibility into how well and how often best practices are followed — and also to summarize progress with a rough quantitative assessment, highlighting improvements that can be made today.

Fills gaps and complements official validation tools

The Scorecard runs alongside official C-CDA validation tools like the Transport Testing Tool provided by NIST and Model-Driven Health Tools. The official validation tools provide comprehensive assessment of syntactic conformance to the C-CDA specification, but they don't always enforce higher-level best practices in C-CDA implementation. The Scorecard fills gaps and provides visibility into constraints missing from the official specifications, or features missing from the official validation tools. Our initial focus is on value set membership for three key vocabularies used in C-CDA: LOINC, RxNorm, SNOMED CT.

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